Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drug Store Reviews

Downy Simple Pleasures in Spice Blossom Dare (liquid form)
Ironically this smell compliments Degree's Fine Fragrance Collection in Sexy Intrigue.
Price: $5
Where: Walmart, Supermarket ,etc
Score: 4.5
Overall: This is truly a wash and wear fragranced fabric softener. If you choose not to wear perfume for the day or you forget, with this stuff you'll be smelling good all day! Its very potent so a little bit goes a long way. It will even have your house smelling Spicy as your doing Laundry.
Warning: Men may not like their clothes smelling like perfume lol.

Degree Deodorant in Sexy Intrigue
Price: Approx $5
Where: Drugstores
Score: 5
Overall: Smells really scentual and sexy. Reminds me of some Victoria Secret's scent and I must say its a great antiperspirant.

Cannot forget the matching Body Mist!
Price: Approx $5
Size: 30z
Score: 4
Overall: Smells great! It compliments the deodorant wonderfully. However the smell does fade after about 4 hours.

Ladies If you combine all three of these items you'll be smelling lovely all day long.