Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Stupid Things I'm Told

After having a wonderful vacation, I returned to work refreshed and ready to get my work day started. I was extra friendly, extremely courteous and just warm towards everyone I encountered. Well, my General Manager came to me yesterday and said that a guest who checked out on Saturday ( I was off that day) said that on Friday "The evening front desk girl didn't seem caring. She wasn't mean but she didn't seem that empathetic." So I asked him "Did this guest have an issue that I failed to react towards accordingly?" He said 'no'. That's puzzling. He told me not to worry about it seeing as that very same guest complained about the other front desk 'girl' too. She told him that my co-worker kept saying "not a problem" and that made her mad because that was rude! She wanted to be told, "I'll be happy to serve you." Uhhhh...front desk people relay guest services were not personal guest servants.

A few weeks before I left for my vacation I had a busy weekday at the hotel. One night the laundry attendant was out doing shuttle runs so the responsibility of delivering extra toiletries and other amenities was left up to me. I rarely have a problem doing these errands because It gives me time away from the phone and standing up at the front desk. What I HATE however, is guests asking for me to make up the pullout sofa. This isn't a 5-star, full-service hotel. It's an extended stay INN. We supply all the extra linens in the closet for the pullout couch but yet people still want me to do it. So for that day I was nice enough to make the beds for the guests who asked. What really ticks me off is when I knock on the door, they hand me linens and stare while I make up their bed. How hard is it to throw on a fitted sheet and a blanket? One lady commented "Wow they have you doing everything here (she laughed)." I know you may be thinking "Do you tell these guest that YOU'RE the only one there?" Well, yes I do but the typical response is... "So, who's going to make up my bed?" Then I rush back downstairs to find the phone ringing off the hook and people impatiently waiting to be checked in.
Lesson Learnt: Hurry up and finish college so you can leave this crazy job!