Thursday, August 6, 2009

Valet People cannot drive!!

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Conditioner

Price: $7.99
Size: 8.5 oz
Where: Target, Wholefoods, Walmart, Online
They Say:Conditioner from Giovanni
Helps Add Body and Shine
Features Natural and Botanical Ingredients
Ideal for Deep Conditioning
I say: No better then Suave. Much better ingredients but its not all that moisturizing. Decent for co-washes.
Overall: Before you go buying the big bottle pick up the travel size from Target. Its only $2

I had the pleasure of having a wonderful vacation in Southern Florida. I stayed at the Renaissance Eden Roc Resort and Spa. I sipped on Mojitos, lounged at the pool, chilled in the sand etc. Well when check out time rolled around it took the Valet guy FOREVER to bring my friends car around so we could leave. As we were waiting I kept commenting on how recklessly they drove people's cars. Well after about 15 minutes, he finally came around with my friends car. As soon as she headed for her trunk to load up the suitcases she noticed the back of the car had been hit. That's when she flipped out. Needless to say she went off at the handles and a claim has been processed and a check will be sent her way as compensation. I'm in love with that hotel but they do need to step it up because I'll be damned If I come back with my car and they scratch it up too.