Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Cost of Beauty

So the other day I stopped in Trade Secret ( a little beauty bourgeois of sorts) and bought a couple of nail polishes. Of course I had to pick up OPI but when the cashier started ringing up my purchases I noticed some clearance items in a glass bowl. I picked up a light pink Essie nail polish for $2. That's unheard of. Of course my husband was perplexed as to why I spent $30 on 3 nail polishes " in the same damn color". I like pink so all the colors I bought were different hues of pink. He just doesn't get it.
I like to do my own manicures and my favorite top coat is Essie's Three Way Glaze

Price: $8
Size: Average
Where: Nail Salon, Online, Mall
They Say: This all-in-one base coat, strengthener and top coat. The unique formula provides the power of three in one, leaving a super shiny, flawless manicure.
I say: This is my favorite top coat. It makes the dullest nail polish look glossy. My nail polish even last longer with this stuff.
Overall: I highly recommend this.
Score: 5

My second go to Top Coat is Oh So Wet (perverted name for a polish I know) but its good.

Price: $4.29
Size: Average
Where: Sally Beauty Supply
They Say: Apply over any 7-day manicure for a new-manicure look. Quick dry, high shine top coat.
I Say: Its a good alternative if your not looking to spend over $5. It does dry extremely quickly however it has a very strong smell and the bottle is so damn cheap.
Overall: It's good for the price.
Score: 3

So my birthday Is around the Corner and as Sephora Beauty Insider I'm supposed to come into any Sephora store to receive my free birthday gift. Well my friends birthday recently passed and she received 3 Sephora lip glosses. She said and I quote " The Lip glosses I got from Sephora for my birthday were crusty crap.. They look like they just wanted to give them away.".
Goodness, I hope this isn't the case when I go because I will call them out on it. Free or not I don't want the crap of the crop.

What do you ladies think?