Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beauty on The Go

Whether your a college student, a working woman or mom, sometimes we are so busy trying to get things done we forget to do things before we leave the house or we just don't bother at all because we don't have the time. Alot of ladies hate big bags and feel its so much easier to just carry around little purses and clutches. But lets be honest here how many times have you looked in your bag, hoping to find something you wish were there?. For me whatever bag I carry it must be able to double as a Diaper bag for my sons snacks, sippie cup, etc. Today as I sat in a 40 minute traffic jam, I thought about all the things I failed to do before I dashed out the door. I wouldn't call these the essentials but this is what I keep in my personal handbag at all times:
1. Midol : You never know when PMS will kick in

2. Sanitary Napkin: Self explanatory
3. Claritin: Summer's here and the pollen count is high
4. Lip Balm: Keep you pout soft and kissable
5. Travel Deodorant: If you forget to apply it at home at least you have backup
6. Hand Sanitizer: Very important especially since we don't wash our hands frequently when were out
7. Hand Lotion: Black may not crack but we sure get ashy quick

All these items are kept in a little makeup pouch. They don't take a lot of space and they really come in handy.

I like the 3-Piece sets because they come in small, medium, and large

so depending on what size handbag your carrying you can switch up makeup pouches .

Cheap yet affordable makeup pouches can be found at the dollar sections at Target along with all the various items you'd need to fill your pouch as well.

What do you ladies have in your makeup pouches? Please dish...


LaToya said...

omg. that pic of you is so pretty. your skin is flawless. and so bronzed!