Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Stupid Things I'm Told

Hey Ladies,

Every weekend I'll be coming to you with the Stupid Things I'm Told segment of my blog.

Working at a Hotel (it sucks) I meet a whole lot of different characters some really pleasant others extremely nasty.

So on Friday I checked in these two older women. One of them said "Aah look at her hair." Her friend nodded and smiled in agreement. I said 'thank you' and proceeded with the checking in process. The same woman doing all the talking then asked me for a high floor. I explained to her that we didn't have any vacant ready rooms on the 3rd floor. Her whole semi-pleasant attitude changed to one of hostility. She then asked me if I were growing dreads? I said "No". She then remarked," Well I guess you like your hair knotted like that." Even her friend was surprised! Her statements blew my mind and quiet honestly I had to just smile and send her about her way.
Lesson Learned: Don't let the words of Wig wearers get you down.

Today on this fabulous Saturday Morning I had the pleasure of saying farewell to all of the wonderful checkouts. Well a very nice woman who checked in on Friday with her family came to me because she had decided to check out a day early. In my pleasant front desk mode I asked "Oh, no...why?" She then explained how this hotel didn't meet the Marriott standards and how her, nor spouse got a wink of sleep due to the lumpy beds. I apologized and gave her a rebate as well as some Marriott Rewards points. She then said " You are so nice and welcoming so I don't understand why the room wasn't up to par?" HOLD UP, STOP THE PRESSES. What the heck does the quality of the room have anything to do with me personally.?I don't do housekeeping.
Lesson Learned: Since people think I own the hotel maybe I should buy stock in the company.


Anonymous said...

People tend to take their anger out on people that usually aren't responsible.

But for that first lady's comment, wow I would of gotten fired!

Marsha (BrownFace) said...

Yooooooooooooooo, I agree with anonymous. Someone would have been SERIOUSLY told off and I would have been back on unemployment...hahahaha

Mimi said...

Well your just as nice as i am with the first lady, i would gave her the worst room possible, lol

and on the lady that checked out a day earlier, dont tak it the wrong way. She just wanted to enjoy her stay as much as she enjoyed your attitude, personality, and ofcourse professionalism.

I'd rather work at a hotel, i used to work at Publix baggin groceries

B said...

People say some craziness when it comes to hair (or anything) don't they? Ugh!

Anywhoovers, just coming by your spot and I'm lovin' it. Keep up the great work.