Friday, July 10, 2009

Shampoo Reviews

Like a lot naturals I try to stay clear of shampoo's that contain sulfate. Even when I had a relaxer the only shampoo I could use that was moisturizing enough that contained sulfates where Creme of Nature Conditioning Shampoo ( too much build up) or The Olive Oil Neutralizing Shampoo (what do I have to neutralize now??) .
But since then I've tried other Shampoos and here are my thoughts and reviews:

Shikai Moisturizing Shampoo
Price: $7.99
Size: 12 oz
Where: Whole foods, Online
They Say: It conditions dry, damaged, or processed hair
I Say: It's good, not super moisturizing but it gets the job done. My hair isnt' squeeky clean after. But I do recommend using a Pre-Shampoo treatment before washing your hair with this stuff.
Score: 3
If your an online shopper they're having a 20% off Spring Special so check it out at

Kinky-Curly Come Clean
Price: $12
Size: 8 oz
Where: Whole Foods, Online
They Say: It's perfect for dry and damaged hair and gentle enough for everyday use.
I Say: A little goes a long way. All you need is a quarter size and it'll lather your entire head. The suds far exeeded my expectations. My scalp felt thoroughly clean. I wouldn't recommed using this daily (that's just crazy).
Score: 5

Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Shampoo
Price: $ 9.98
Size: 11 oz
Where: Wholefoods, Health Food Store, Online
They Say: It will rehydrate hair fiber to overcome dryness and brittleness and leave her irresistably fragrant and silky-soft.
I Say: Uhhh, No. Its fragrant but my hair felt dry as a bone. They need to stick with Conditioners and I'll leave it at that.
Score: 1 (for the fragrance)

Chagrin Valley Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar
Price$ 6.75 Full Size or $2.60 for Sample Bar
Where: Online
They Say: Sweet Almond & Organic Rosa Mosqueta Oils deep-condition & protect, softens hair texture, Organic Aloe Vera replenishes Moisture, etc
I Say: Shampoo Bars aren't for everyone but If you really want to try one out... go for this one. My scalp felt refreshed and my hair felt softer then I expected.
Score: 4

What Shampoo's Do You Ladies Like?



Anonymous said...

How exactly do you use a shampoo bar? do you just rub your head with it?

piinkcamellias said...

Yes, that's exactly what you do. Seems odd I know. Make sure your hair is drenched first then rub until you get a good lather going. Some people even cut there bar into cubes so they can use small pieces at a time.